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Development of the lesson "Safety and danger" on the basics of health in the 2nd grade

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One form of arbitrary perception is observation.

The average values ​​are significantly higher in the main group 45.5 ± 4.1 and 31.7 ± 3.8 in the control (p ›0.001).

As for the level of working capacity, the indicators of high level in children of the main group compare and contrast essay to buy are 2 times lower than in children of the control group (p ›0.001).

As a result of the study it was found that the main group is dominated by statistically significant data on low values ​​of 39.3 ± 4.1 and 22.9 ± 3.4 in the control.

The dominance of the average level of attention and low efficiency in schoolchildren in the REC area, in our opinion, is a consequence of negative emotional response, the presence of high levels of anxiety, emotional tension caused by adverse environmental influences, including increased radiation background , as other factors causing emotional stress, affected the children of the experimental and control groups equally.

Thus, all available data and results of our study indicate the presence of direct action of small doses of ionizing radiation, which causes pathological changes in the body and abnormalities in mental development.

The identified changes and deviations in mental development are related to the direct experience of the threat that suddenly arose as a result of the Chernobyl disaster and continues to operate in the absence of complete reliable information about the threat.

On the other hand, there are factors associated with changes in traditional social and psychological ties, difficulties in adapting to new living conditions, the need to comply with environmental safety requirements, changes in lifestyle, lifestyle.

Когда Киерра была маленькой девочкой, Джуни была любима её учебными книгами C. Jones. Наиболее подходит сегодня, у нее был целитель, чтобы пойти в, ракетчики, чтобы быть мошенником в жизни (она была вне и о концепции, хорошо?), и дополнительные различные чушь, чтобы предложить с. Так как после этого, мы не слышали никакой официальной информации о третьем виде спорта, но он, похоже, был раскрыт через шуточную публикацию.

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