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Tip # 3 - Designing The Next Relationship Before You Dive In

Getting back once again to the theory you have actually a much better notion of what you would like in your forties than you ever did in your twenties, it really is smart to map away the next relationship before you also begin to date. This provides you additional time to enjoy being alone, up to now yourself, in ways.

Make a written list, that you want from your next partner if you feel so inclined, of all the things. Be as candid as you possibly can together with your list, including turn-ons that are sexual turn-offs. Possibly there is a thing that your former partner did that frustrated you, or something like that he/she did not do which you wish they did. Include these items to the list. Then you'll know to throw that fish back into the sea and try again if you find similar traits in your next partner, and they aren't worth compromising.

Suggestion no. 4 - Location, Location, Location

Given that you've determined you need to date again…where does one head to do so?