The District Court Easily Granted Overview Judgment towards the FTC.

Embracing the 2nd prong associated with test, Lanier's October 10 notice demonstrated their intent to allure, supplying notice that is adequate the opposing party and also the court. Within the notice, Lanier stated that “the a few law offices included as appellants are defendant law offices under which Michael W. Lanier, Esq. practiced as a single practitioner and had been their single principal.” Notice of Appeal (Doc. 303). Also, Lanier finalized the notice inside the very own name, accompanied by “pro se,” suggesting along with the law firms with which he was associated that he intended to represent himself. Id. Finally, regardless of if there have been any question about whom meant to attract, there is without doubt that there clearly was an intent to impress on the behalf of a few of the defendants, nearly all whom had been closely linked to (or even totally indistinct from) Lanier himself. Hence, although Lanier neglected to record himself individually, the goal of the guideline, that is to share with the events therefore the court of the litigant's intent to impress, had been pleased right right here.

Appropriately, we hold that Lanier's October 10, 2016 notice of appeal with respect to the “Lanier Defendants” had been adequate to master their specific appeal.

Looking at the merits with this full situation, Lanier contends that the region court erred in giving summary judgment into the FTC.