”May be it really is a psychological illness to claim whilst you don’t? ”

I’m sorry I just broke down laughing out loud at this one that you have mental illness. You will be appropriate, some assclowns will state virtually any f**king bullcrap!

Trying to draw out relationship type behavior from the non relationship is the way I lost my mind; don’t do so. If you need to police the nuances of this mix of things you prefer that you have got content and pasted from relationships while conveniently cutting out of the things you don’t like or that scare you about relationships, you certainly will understand that it requires dual and sometimes even triple the total amount of power that a genuine relationship. You expend inordinate levels of power attempting to force anyone to share the actual exact same view as you about what your non-relationship must certanly be; instilling guidelines of conduct, objectives for closeness, which the other party properly understands is absurd because….